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Welcome to Protonka Recycling

Protonka Recycling opened its doors in 2008, and since then we have grown annualy due to our professional and dedicated service to our customers.

We pride ourselves in joining the recycling initiative, to combat ground and air pollution, and in change create a better environment for ourselves and future generations to come.

Protonka Recycling currently services Tzaneen and the surrounding areas:

Protonka Recycling CC are compliant with the National Environmental Management Waste Act 2008 (no.59 of 2008).
Conserves Natural Resources
Saves Energy
Protects Environment
Reduces Incineration
Cuts Climate-Changing Carbon Emissions
Reduces Landfill Waste
Creates Jobs
Products we Recycle
We recycle a variety of common household waste, including, but not limited to, paper, plastic, aluminium beverage cans and glass.

Let Protonka Recycling assist you in creating a better environment!
Our Range of Services
Protonka Recycling has a fleet of vehicles collecting recyclables from our clients on a daily basis We also ensure that all recyclables are removed from the municipal bins and that the waste areas of our various clients are left in a neat state.

We are also available to remove recyclables and do clean-ups for clients that have to prepare for audits.
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To find out more about our services or products we recycle, feel free to contact us. For your convenience, you can complete our Online Enquiry Form and a friendly and helpful assistant will contact you as soon as possible.